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Living with crooked or spaced teeth can be challenging. It not only affects your aesthetics but can have a detrimental effect on your overall health and well-being as well. Living with malaligned teeth can even lead to speech impediments. Unevenly placed teeth cannot apply proper chewing forces, and this, in turn, disturbs the digestive process. Apart from this, crowded teeth in the mouth can form hiding places for the disease-causing bacteria as these small crooks are not easily accessible by a toothbrush. It can further lead to dental decay and gum diseases which put you at risk of losing teeth. It is because of these that Dr. Pancko, a board-certified and exceptionally skilled orthodontist at Wilmington Orthodontic Center, recommends getting uneven and crooked teeth aligned as early as possible.

Getting your teeth aligned can be a little heavy on the pocket. The cost of orthodontic treatments is high in Wilmington, and because of this, many patients who require orthodontic treatment cannot opt for it. Some who search for cheap orthodontics end up getting their treatment done by non-dental professionals or these "D.I.Y" dental kits and end up with devastating results. Such dental disasters are common when non-dental professionals provide "D.I.Y" cheap orthodontics. Dr. Pancko warns people seeking orthodontic correction to stay away from such D.I.Y cheap orthodontics as it is just a recipe for disaster. 

We at Wilmington Orthodontic Center firmly believe that money should not come between you and your health. We believe in providing the best orthodontic care under your budget. Please schedule an appointment with us to get answers to your orthodontic concerns and to find out which plan works the best for you. We also provide you with a free consultation at Wilmington Orthodontic Center. During this consultation, Dr. Pancko will examine you and advise you on a treatment plan according to your budget. This ensures that you get cheap orthodontic treatment in Wilmington. Apart from this, we also accept insurance which can lower the cost of getting orthodontic treatment considerably. At Wilmington Orthodontic Center, we also offer various payments suited to your needs. You can opt to pay for your treatment in small and feasible monthly installments. We aim to make proper orthodontic treatments more accessible and affordable so that nobody is forced to opt for such "D.I.Y" cheap orthodontic disaster treatments. At Wilmington Orthodontic Center, we provide our patients with the best in class treatments at a much affordable price, and our special payment plans also make it easier for you to get the best orthodontic treatments at cheaper rates. 

The most affordable and cheap orthodontic treatment option at Wilmington Orthodontic Center is traditional metal braces. Traditional metal braces do their job with finesse and are much more affordable than other systems like Invisalign or ceramic braces. If you are someone who has a constrained budget, you can opt for metal braces. However, ensure that you don't opt for cheap braces provided by non-dental professionals or any D.I.Y cheap orthodontic kits.

If you think you need to get your teeth aligned, schedule your free consultation today with Dr. Pancko at Wilmington Orthodontic Center near you. You can contact us via phone or email if you have any questions, and one of our fantastic team members will be there to assist you.  

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