Benefits of a Custom Mouth Guard


The future of dentistry is right at our doorsteps with digital dentistry and the inclusion of 3-D printers. You might already be aware of the buzz over 3D printing technology over the last few years. 3D printing has become increasingly popular and has gained a reputation even in the dental world. It simplifies and fastens dental treatments and has a wide range of applications. 

A 3D printer uses different composite resins and plastics as raw materials to gradually build a 3D version of an object. The entire process is computer-modeled and digitized. Dental specialists worldwide are now leveraging this technology for providing advanced treatments. 3D printing in Delaware is being used to fabricate clear aligners, retainers, mouth guards, braces, and more. However, how does it help you as a patient?

Saves your time

3D printing allows your orthodontist in Wilmington to fabricate your appliance in just a day. You no longer have to wait for several days to get your retainers, and 3D printing enables in-office printing. Your dentist will take an impression, formulate a plan, and input commands in a computer that will start the fabrication of your appliance, which will be ready in a day. This allows for a single-day delivery and reduces your visits to the dental office. 


No more messy impressions, all it takes is an intraoral digital scanner to map out your teeth structure and jaw shape. Digital printing simplifies and fastens the entire treatment process, making it convenient for you as a patient.  

You see what you get.

You actually have the option of visualizing your entire treatment planning and outcome in your first visit itself, thanks to digital dentistry and 3D printing. 

Better fit 

With a digital scanner and 3D printing, you can rest assured that your appliance will be made to exacting and precise measurement, ensuring a comfortable and seamless fit. 

So, why wait? Schedule an appointment at Wilmington Orthodontic Center today and experience the world of digital dentistry in Delaware. 

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