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Looking for the best dentist in Delaware? Wilmington Orthodontic Center offers state-of-the-art care for your entire family. 

Types of Services Offered

Our Wilmington orthodontist Dr. Nancy Pancko serves patients of all ages. Whether you’re 7 or 67, you can visit our Wilmington practice for comprehensive treatment. Some of the different types of services we offer include traditional braces and Invisalign. However, other types of appliances may be recommended in various situations. For instance, a palatal expander, spacers, or Herbst appliance can assist younger patients who are just entering into the tooth alignment experience (and aid in guiding healthier growth patterns.) 

Your Initial Consultation

The first step of every orthodontic process is the consultation and exam. This initial appointment is where we gather information related to your bite (including pictures, impressions, or X-rays) and assess your unique oral anatomy. We’ll review all of our findings with you and discuss any questions you may have. Should you (or your child) need braces, you’ll have the opportunity to review the types available that fit your unique situation. 

Let’s say you know you need braces and are ready to get started as soon as possible. During your consultation visit we will run the numbers of your care plan so that you know what’s involved both time-wise and financially. At that point you can decide if you’re ready to go ahead and begin treatment. 

“Should My Child See an Orthodontist?”

It’s ideal for all children to have an orthodontic evaluation by age 7. At this stage your child has a “mixed dentition”, which is a combination of baby and adult teeth alike. You can have orthodontic screenings performed by your family dentist, pedodontist, or our Wilmington orthodontist. Many dentists will refer you to our office anyway if they see something that’s a bit suspicious or might need treatment.

We can always arrange to book your family for a consultation appointment to discuss any specific concerns you may have. Since not everyone needs or qualifies for orthodontic treatments, we make these brief evaluations free of charge. 

Treatments for Adults

Adult orthodontic patients have busy schedules and pressing responsibilities. Wilmington Orthodontic Center understands that it can be challenging to work your braces or aligners into an already hectic schedule. Most of our adult patients prefer Invisalign for its convenience. Not only do you change the trays out at home, but you can also take advantage of fewer (and shorter) appointments. Easily fit your visits in before work or on a lunch break every other month. You’ll probably wished you had spoken to our Delaware orthodontist sooner!

Investing in adult orthodontic therapy can help you to better manage conditions like TMJ disorder, gum disease, tooth decay, and premature enamel wear. It’s a perfect option for enhancing your smile’s health and appearance. 

Yes, We Offer Financing!

Our Delaware orthodontist office provides flexible payment plans. Combine financing with your dental insurance to enjoy even lower monthly payments and get started on treatment right away. 

Contact Wilmington Orthodontic Center today to learn more about our service and to reserve an exam for you or your child. We look forward to meeting you!

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