Puedo llevar frenos de adulto en Delaware?


There are a lot of misconceptions out there about orthodontic treatment in adults. Can I get braces as an adult in Delaware? Do braces work after 18? Is surgery always required for braces treatment in adults? These are some questions that are often asked by patients to an orthodontist. The answer to all these questions is very clear, you can get braces treatment no matter how aged you are and can enjoy the best outcomes of treatment. The majority of the clients visiting our orthodontists are adults.

Either it could be you never got a brace during childhood or maybe you did, and you didn’t wear your retainer, so your teeth moved back. If you are considering getting braces treatment now, don’t worry you are not alone. With the increasing trend of adult orthodontic, you can get every opportunity to get your teeth straightened. Here at Wilmington Orthodontics Center, many adult patients from across Delaware are availing this opportunity. When you are finally ready to start your  braces treatment you can work with our dentist to choose the best treatment option for you. 

It is often assumed that braces treatment in adults takes longer period of time, or even you may have heard of life long braces treatment for adults. But actually it is absolutely false assumption, braces treatment takes round about 2 years which may vary depending on severity of misalignment of teeth. 

Various treatment options are available for adults patients. Some patients are satisfied with the standard metal braces. There are also porcelain braces available. But if you are not willing for metal or porcelain, you can get Invisalign instead. They are just as good as metal braces and are completely invisible.

Since our patients are our top priority, Wilmington orthodontic center will continue to accept all major insurance plans as well as be able to communicate to our Spanish-speaking patients here in Delaware. 

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