• This place is a hidden gem within the city! The staff have always been welcoming and very professional which is a must when it comes to my healthcare needs. In addition, I love the fact that they offer payment plans and thanks to that it made it feasible for my family and I to obtain our braces.
  • I recently moved to Delaware from New York and have a permanent/ bonded retainer on my lower front teeth. The glue on one of my teeth dislodged so I called this office to see if they would be able to repair it. The receptionist quickly dismissed me and said, and I quote, "We do not do that here." I thought this was an Orthodontist office and this is a pretty standard procedure/ quick repair. They didn't even try to schedule me to come in to assess. Unfortunately, I cannot go to my old Orthodontist who put the retainer on after I had braces SEVERAL YEARS AGO in high school because they are in New York. I will look for an Orthodontist elsewhere.
  • This office is so great! They greeted us by name when we arrived. There was a very short wait. And my daughter enjoyed her appointment and all the equipment they have. The staff were all kind and worked well together
  • Im satisfied with their service my daughter need it her braces switched because we transfered from another state they made the process easy for us and took care of her great. They explained to me the whole process and made sure my daughter was comfortable i recommend them is a friendly and comfortable enviroment.
  • I love love love this office. This was my 3rd consultation for braces but Dr. Pankco was my first choice! Very pleasant and thorough! Gave me everything I needed, all my appliances for my open bite. Cierra was so cool and real honest! I am soooo happy with the financial portion and the receptionists were friendly. Thank you so much! - Chantel