Tooth extractions before Orthodontic treatment

Tooth extractions before Orthodontic treatment

The question whether a child will require tooth extraction before an orthodontic treatment doesn’t carry a definite yes or no. Our genes, external factors, growth patterns all play a role in determining our teeth placement in our jaw. Thus every treatment plan at Wilmington by our specialist orthodontists is dependent on the particular case and customised according to patient needs. Although it is always preferred to not have any teeth extracted, some patients require it in order to reach the desired results.

What is tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction is the procedure of manually removing a tooth in order to create space in the jaw. Permanent teeth do not have any successors, thus the space made remains open and is then used to move the remaining teeth in place, in cases of less jaw space relative to the teeth to yield bite correction.

When tooth extraction is necessary

A crooked smile with crowding is seen in various parts of the jaw if the remaining teeth erupt and there isn’t adequate space to accommodate it. With a lack of space, there isn’t any choice but for the teeth to erupt in irregular positions. When an extraction is done, it frees up some space for the remaining teeth to move into the empty space, and thus align the teeth in a straight manner. Extraction cases are wisely chosen by Dr. Pancko in cases which absolutely demand it.

How to know if you need an extraction?

The orthodontist at Wilmington, Dr. Pancko will asses your age, facial profile, skeletal and soft tissue structures and map a treatment plan which go in line with your desired results. X-rays, dental scans, photographs will be taken to keep a record of your case, and help make decisions regarding the extraction protocol and the recommended dental plan will be fully explained to you before the treatment starts.

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