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Dr. Pancko is the only provider of Incognito hidden braces in Delaware. Incognito orthodontic braces are unnoticeable since they are attached behind the teeth so only you will know that you are wearing lingual braces.

Everything that can be done with visible braces, Dr. Pancko can also do with braces on the lingual side, or back side, of your teeth. Incognito Orthodontic braces a.k.a “iBraces” are a new generation of orthodontic treatment for teens and adults.

These unique braces are created using state-of-the-art technology and are 100 percent customized to the shape of each individual patient’s teeth and dental situation. Incognito braces have the unique prescription that Dr. Nancy Pancko creates for each patient to ensure each patient gets the results they need and want. Incognito braces provide efficient and effective tooth movement while being virtually unnoticed.









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FAQ Lingual

  • Can anyone be a provider of lingual invisble braces such as incognito?

    In addition to being a board eligible orthodontic specialist, Dr. Nancy Pancko of the Wilmington Orthodontic center is a certified provider of Incognito lingual invisible braces. It is a treatment modality which requires additional training so few orthodontists offer lingual invisible braces as a treatment option.

  • Can anyone use lingual invisible braces?

    Lingual invisible braces are a wonderful option for those patients that want to keep their orthodontic treatment a secret. Since they are placed behind your teeth, no one will no that you are wearing braces. Lingual invisible braces can be used for any age group but it is mostly chosen by patients for the esthetic benefits.

  • Can lingual invisible braces work for all cases?

    Absolutely! Lingual invisible braces are a more discreet orthodontic treatment option since the are positioned behind your teeth. Lingual invisible braces can correct any bite and tooth position that traditional metal braces can correct and in the same amount of time.

  • How much time does it take to see the results of lingual invisible braces?

    You will begin to notice lots of changes in your tooth position only after a couple of months of wearing your lingual invisible braces. They are as fast and effective as the traditional metal braces but are a completely invisible treatment option.

  • Is it difficult to wear lingual invisible braces?

    In the Wilmington Orthodontic Center, Dr. Pancko exclusively uses the Incognito system. This system personalizes braces for each person allowing them to be very well adapted to the lingual part of the teeth and as a result, incredibly comfortable.

  • How much do lingual invisible braces cost?

    The cost of orthodontic treatment always depends on the severity of the case and the treatment time needed in order to correct the position of the teeth. Lingual invisible braces are the only completely invisible treatment option since they are positioned behind the teeth. They are also personalized to each patient so no single bracket is exactly alike. Due to this, lingual invisible braces are typically slightly more expensive then typical metal braces. In order to give an accurate estimate of cost, it is important for you to have an complimentary evaluation with Dr. Pancko at the Wilmington Orthodontic Center.

  • Is it harder to clean lingual invisible braces than it is to clean regular braces?

    It is important to clean the teeth very well when wearing all types of orthodontic appliances in order to prevent tooth and gum damage. If you use the correct technique when brushing your lingual invisible braces, it is easy to maintain your teeth clean and healthy. However since lingual invisible braces are not seen, some patients often skip brushing because their teeth look clean on the outside. Food still gets caught around the lingual invisible braces so brushing, flossing and waterpiks are incredibly important tools for patients undergoing orthodontic treatment.

  • Is lingual braces better than invisalign?

    Lingual invisible braces are the only orthodontic treatment option that is 100% invisible. Invisalign is a clear aligner treatment option which use attachments or tooth colored bumps on the teeth to help align the teeth. Since Invisalign has ¨bumps¨that are placed on top of the teeth and trays that go over the teeth, it is slightly visible. Lingual clear braces are completely hidden from view since they are placed behind the teeth and are as fast as the conventional metal braces. Lingual invisible braces can be used for all orthodontic problems where invisalign can be used only with select cases.