First visit with your orthodontist, what to expect?

First visit with your orthodontist, what to expect?

The most crucial action you can take to straighten your teeth is to go to your first orthodontist appointment. It's normal to feel anxious or afraid on the days before your exam.

It will be easier for you to get ready for your consultation if you have precise information about what to anticipate during your initial meeting.

Your first visit to Wilmington orthodontic center

The first time you come in, we must first do an orthodontic evaluation and decide the best course of action for your smile before we can suggest treatment. Your Wilmington orthodontist, Dr. Pancko will discuss the treatment choices that can assist improve your smile after carefully examining your alignment. At Wilmington Orthodontics, we are pleased to provide treatment options including fixed braces and aligners and we'd be pleased to talk to you about the advantages of each option for your way of life.

Assessment & record taking

An initial dental evaluation will be done including intraoral and extraoral assessment along with dental imaging. This data is used for the treatment plan for your stunning smile. Based on your budget, expected outcomes, and length of treatment, we can determine which plan is best for you.

We want to be certain that you fully comprehend the treatment plan before moving forward with it. We welcome your inquiries and will be happy to answer any worries you may have and talk with you about your alternatives.

We will set up the next meeting after your initial consultation to start your treatment plan. We can't wait to get to know you and start guiding you toward a straighter smile!

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