Get to know your Orthodontist

Healthcare professionals are more often just seen as white coats and fancy degrees and less frequently as real people. This disconnect can make patients feel disconnected from their doctors and allied health professionals. We felt like it would be a great start if our patients got to know about us, not just professionals but a little personally. After all, we are just humans and love spending our time with family and friends just like you do. 

So, here are a few tidbits about Dr. Nancy Pancko, our fantastic Orthodontist. 

The upbeat and ever-smiling Dr. Nancy hails from New Jersey. She majored in Biology and Psychology at Rutgers University, where she developed a keen interest in dentistry. Her passion manifested into reality when she got admitted to Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Surgery. Her hard work and passion bore fruit as she was bestowed with the coveted New York Academy of Oral Rehabilitation Award for Best Clinical Performance in Prosthodontics, honored with a Dean's Honors Scholarship, and was a candidate for the Percy T. Phillips Award. 

She was an academic beast and was also inducted into the Golden Key National Honors Society for her exceptional performance. She went on to pursue her specialty in Orthodontics at SUNY at Buffalo. 

Apart from creating smiles, she loves to travel and run marathons, so she went to Spain for four years to support her husband when the opportunity presented itself. She explored not only her career but herself as she adapted to the culture and even learned Spanish and Catalan. 

Eventually, she returned to Wilmington and settled down with her husband, a practicing periodontist, Dr. Javier Sanz. They have a beautiful home and raise four children together while practicing their dentistry. They can often be spotted on hikes or runs in their off time. 

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