How to Find an Orthodontist Near Me

Orthodontist near me

Finding the best orthodontist “near me” can take a bit of investigative work. But when you know where to turn, you can find a provider in just a few days. Rest assured that it’s normal to feel a little overwhelmed at the beginning. To make the process easier, here are some of the most effective ways to locate an orthodontist “near me” right here in Wilmington. 

Ask Your Friends, Neighbors, and Colleagues

First and foremost, start by asking others which orthodontist that they use. Have your teens ask their classmates, friends, or people in their extracurricular clubs. Talk to your neighbors, coworkers, or people you run across on a frequent basis to find out which orthodontist in Wilmington they take their family to. As you start to get feedback, make a note of the names you’re hearing. The same orthodontist mentioned over and over is a great sign!

Read Online Reviews

Online reviews are the next step in narrowing down your search for a Wilmington orthodontist. Top rated orthodontists will have a long track record of positive reviews from patients and their families. Will you see negative reviews? Of course (after all, people are more than happy about airing their grievances online), so the key is to look for consistency among the reviews. Facebook and Google are great places to start. 

Find Out if They Take Your Dental Insurance

Now it’s time to actually start calling the orthodontist’s office or looking at their website. You’ll want to find out if they accept your dental insurance or offer flexible payment options. Keep in mind that just because an orthodontist may not be “in network” doesn’t mean they can’t file insurance claims on your behalf. Sometimes an out of network provider is almost the same price as seeing a specialist that’s in your policy’s network. 

Ask if They Offer the Service That You’re Looking For

Not every orthodontist in Wilmington offers the same types of services. If you’re looking for something specific like Invisalign or lingual braces, for example, you want to ask them ahead of time before you schedule an appointment. Dr. Pancko is one of the only orthodontists to offer treatment like Incognito braces (which is an “invisible” lingual braces treatment.) 

Even if you’ve got your mind set on a specific type of braces, it’s still best to go ahead and see a provider who offers a variety of treatments. That way you can get their professional recommendations on which one is best for your unique oral anatomy. 

Request a Free Orthodontic Consultation 

Dr. Pancko offers zero-pressure orthodontist consultations in Wilmington. During your visit we’ll discuss your concerns, answer your questions, and review the options available. When you’re able to meet an orthodontist face-to-face, you’ll feel surer about your decision choosing the best provider. Sometimes it’s that personal visit with an actual provider that helps you decide whether or not their office is right for you. 

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