Is It Safe to Visit the Orthodontist During Covid-19?

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Is It Safe to Visit the Orthodontist During Covid-19?

The novel Coronavirus has drastically changed almost all aspects of our lives, including our appointments to the local orthodontist. Many Americans are indoors keeping safe (or trapped with masks) and may be rightly nervous to venture outside

But what happens in the event of an orthodontic emergency? Is a regular orthodontic visit recommendable in these uncertain times?

Although the coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of changes in our daily lives, dental practices all over the country have incorporated CDC guidelines, as well as state and local ordinances – so has Dr. Nancy Pancko, a leading Delaware-Wilmington orthodontist. Even though your orthodontic visit will look a little different now, we are still committed to taking care of your smile and helping get the best oral care possible.

Keep reading to understand the measures we at the Wilmington Orthodontic Center have taken and the factors that make a successful orthodontic office visit.

What are the Risks of an Orthodontist Visit?

Coronavirus spreads through respiratory droplets. This is what travels through the air once someone coughs or sneezes. If someone else breaths in these droplets, they can become infected. 

These molecules are also in the saliva and mucus of your mouth and throat. Your orthodontist and their tools can easily come in contact with the fluids. Actually, some dental devices could spray droplets around.

Hence, some dental hospitals haven’t been structured for high protection levels. This is because they lack:

  • Rooms for each client
  • Airborne infection isolation rooms
  • Sufficient N95 masks.

What Makes a Safe Orthodontist’s Office Visit?

You contact germs anytime you step out of your home. However, health care workers are required to follow some safety guidelines. You’ll notice Dr. Pancko washing her hands and using sterilized tools to take care of you. In fact, some needles and gear are never reused to ensure the safety of our patients.

Your orthodontist may do even more to prevent the spread of Coronavirus like:

  • Wear more protective gear
  • Clean, replace, and cover tools between their uses.
  • Disinfect all devices and surfaces often.
  • Cover your mouth with a rubber dental dam.

To ensure your safety, our health, and that of our other patients, the orthodontist office of Dr. Nancy Pancko will:

  • Space out appointments
  • Contact you before your appointment to know about your health status.
  • Check your temperature and other symptoms upon visit.
  • Require you to have a mask
  • Inquire about your recent travel
  • Ask whether you have been around people infected by Covid-19.
  • Ask you to arrive early.
  • Require you to limit the number of people you visit our office with, e.g., children.
  • Have you wait in a designated and comfortable waiting area until we’re ready for you

Orthodontic Emergencies During Covid-19

Delaying dental care causes considerable risks to your long-term overall health. Not only can non-severe conditions dramatically worsen when ignored, but also can the failed cleanings have undesired repercussions. For example, there’s a link between gum health and diabetes and a connection with heart disease.

Orthodontic emergencies are often related to the current dental equipment used on a patient. If these aren’t well taken care of in good time, there are chances of even more severe repercussions.

The team at our Wilmington, Delaware orthodontic office is committed to helping you have good teeth and oral health, even during an emergency.

Please contact our team for an assessment if you are experiencing any of these:

  • Loose or broken metal braces
  • Severe tooth pain
  • Physical trauma from the mouth or teeth
  • Discomfort from sharp brackets or archwires
  • Swelling in the face or gums

After Your Orthodontist Visit

Our team thoroughly cleans and disinfects a patient’s contact areas after an appointment. This includes any countertops and doors that you and we could have touched.

We also sanitize dental tools used during treatment. This enables us to prepare for the next patient and keep them from the risk of illness or infection.

People who experience Covid-19 symptoms within 14 days of their visit should contact us right away.

Schedule A Safe Orthodontic Treatment Today

At the orthodontic office of Dr. Pancko, we diligently take care of our team and follow the strict CDC guidelines. We know how important it is to ensure patients have good oral hygiene and healthy teeth. 

If you have any concerns about your orthodontic treatments, please contact us today, and we will do our best to answer all your questions so you’ll feel safe during your dental appointment.


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