Orthodontic Emergencies in Delaware

Orthodontic Emergencies Delaware

Orthodontic Emergencies


Orthodontic treatments are known to cause some discomfort in the beginning but never lead to intense pain. If you are experiencing throbbing pain or exceptional discomfort, it is necessary to schedule an urgent appointment with Dr. Pancko, a board-certified Orthodontist in Wilmington - Delaware. 

Lose poking wires or broken brackets and snapped aligners are some of the orthodontic emergencies that have to be addressed swiftly by an orthodontist near you in Wilmington. 

If you find yourself in such a situation, call us at our clinic, Wilmington Orthodontic Center. We will schedule an urgent appointment for you with our orthodontist, Dr. Pancko, to get it resolved. Such problems can hamper your treatment, your progress and become a cause of pain.

Read further as we elaborate on different kinds of orthodontic emergencies in Wilmington and how we at Wilmington Orthodontic Center can help you manage them.


Traditional braces and self-ligating braces have archwires that are used to move your teeth into the desired position. Very rarely, these wires can break or snap during eating or in general. These snapped wires impinge on your gums or cheeks and cause injury and lead to intense pain; they also disturb your treatment's progress. Due to these reasons, snapped wires have to be replaced with urgency. Contact us at Wilmington Orthodontic Center, and we will schedule an emergency appointment for you to replace it.


Dental brackets at Wilmington Orthodontic Center in Delaware are placed on your teeth with the help of dental cement. The dental cement is sturdy and usually does not wear off, but chewing on hard food can debond these brackets on some occasions. These debonded brackets are tiny and can even be ingested. Debonded brackets also hamper your treatment. If you are in such a situation, remove the debonded broken bracket from your mouth and schedule an urgent appointment with our excellent Orthodontist Dr. Pancko in Wilmington to replace it. 


At Wilmington Orthodontic Centre, Dr. Pancko will prescribe retainers to make sure your new tooth positions do not change. A broken retainer means now your teeth are free to move back into their former positions. It is because of these reasons that a broken fixed retainer should be replaced with swiftness to avoid any relapse. 


If you wear Invisalign aligners and they get broken, it is crucial to get them replaced as soon as possible at Wilmington Orthodontic Center. Not wearing your retainers or aligners even for two days can make the teeth move back to their former position, and you may end up losing all the progress you made.


In traditional metal braces or ceramic braces,  rubber or elastic bands apply forces to move your teeth. If they are broken, the force application is disturbed, and your teeth may end up moving to other places and may also cause intense pain. This requires the urgent attention of our orthodontist, Dr. Pancko, in Wilmington.


Prolonged soreness in your mouth, pain, or getting mouth ulcers is not normal and is considered a complication that requires the immediate attention of an orthodontist near you in Wilmington Delaware. Ulcers can cause pain, difficulty in chewing, and even talking can be a stressful experience. If you have developed ulcers after getting started on orthodontic treatment, contact us and schedule an appointment at Wilmington Orthodontic Center immediately to get it treated.

If you face any issues during orthodontic treatments, we urge you not to delay visiting us at Wilmington Orthodontic Center as it can be fatal if ignored. If you have any more questions or would like to know more, you can call us, and our team of excellent dental professionals in Wilmington will be there to assist you. 

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