8 Reasons Why Having Straight Teeth Matters

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8 Reasons Why Having Straight Teeth Matters

Like gears on a wheel, teeth should fit together in a certain way to do a specific job. Cleaning and removing plaque becomes easier when teeth are well aligned. You wouldn’t have to hide your smiles when your teeth are in a straight line. This justifies why 57% of Americans prefer a beautiful smile over clear skin. 

Keep reading to discover how perfectly straight teeth can improve multiple aspects of your life, right from your physical to psychological health.

  1. It is easier to clean aligned teeth 

Crooked teeth create more areas for food pieces and plaque to hide. Even with thorough brushing, this can easily be missed.

Studies by the American Dental Association show that plaque interacts with the foods we eat and releases acids that can cause cavities and oral infections. Persistent tooth decay from leftover plaque can be costly to treat and could further tooth pains or loss.

Worse, most oral infections are linked to synthetic problems that affect our overall health. These include heart disease, diabetes, premature birth, and stroke.

With straight teeth, you will have better access to your teeth and gums before brushing and flossing, and thus an easier time removing harmful plaque. This will give your gums, teeth, and other parts of your body a chance of being healthy.

  1. A stronger and healthier jawbone 

Misaligned teeth can also develop jaw problems. A misaligned bite or significant spacing between teeth or can induce undue stress on your teeth and gums.

This often leads to the breakdown of bones supporting the teeth, causing pain and potential loss of a tooth. Straightening your teeth and aligning your bite through orthodontic treatment is a sure way of preventing this.

  1. Straight teeth are less susceptible to injury

The last thing you want is to get your teeth broken, chipped, or knocked out in an accident. Sadly, teeth that protrude, particularly in front of the mouth are more prone to trauma. As mentioned earlier, unaligned bites put undue stress on your teeth. This includes wear and tear on your teeth enamel, which can chip of your teeth and cause teeth grinding (also known as bruxism).

Working with a Wilmington orthodontist to place your teeth back into the right places will keep them less susceptible to harm. Orthodontic help will also help your teeth avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your from bites.

  1. A more attractive and confident smile

According to a study in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, people with ideal smiles and straight teeth were viewed as more intelligent and more suitable for job opportunities.

Another study rated people with straight teeth as happier, smarter, more successful, and wealthier.

That’s what perfectly aligned teeth will do to you – Give you an advantage in different situations, your career, elevate your confidence and boost your self-esteem.

  1. Better sleep

Craniofacial abnormalities, a misaligned jaw positioning, and teeth could be the cause of your sleep problems (such as sleep apnea).

Orthodontic care to straighten and align your jaw and teeth can provide relief. An interceptive orthodontic treatment with Invisalign or a round of invisible braces successfully treats sleep apnea in children.

For adults with sleep apnea and severe malocclusion (bad bite), orthodontic treatment combined with a surgical plan could help.

  1. Fewer aches and discomfort 

Incorrect bites create irregular forces that add undue stress on your mouth, specifically in your jaw joint. This can, in turn, cause uncomfortable TMJ pain, migraines, and headaches. Crooked teeth push against soft tissues in your mouth, causing cuts, sores, and infections.

With straight teeth, you’ll experience fewer soft tissue injuries, avoid unnecessary pressure in your jaw, and enjoy healthier, painless teeth.

  1. Ability to chew and speak properly 

Misaligned teeth can make it difficult to chew food comfortably and speak properly. When food is inefficiently chewed, more frequent gas and digestive problems can occur. This is because more digestion will have to be done in the intestines or stomach to break down large food pieces.

Efficient chewing is also essential for your body to maintain a well-balanced diet. An aligned bite will help you chew better and sufficiently.

  1. Aligned teeth will help you prepare for mouth implants

Missing teeth can cause the teeth to shift out of place further. Orthodontic treatment is the best solution for anyone looking to create enough space for dental implants.

Once this is done, you’ll restore your ability to speak and chew properly.

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We hope that this piece has enlightened you on the benefits of having straight teeth, which are much more important than cosmetic improvement. A skilled orthodontic team, like the one at Wilmington Orthodontic Center, can help you develop a plan that will give you a healthy bite and straight teeth. To learn more about our personalized orthodontic treatment plans, contact us today!

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