Why Choose Damon Braces?

Damon braces

Why Choose Damon Braces?

Crowded, spaced, and uneven teeth can cause significant discomfort and even be an embarrassment for some. Crooked teeth affect your smile's appearance and can make you conscious while talking or smiling in social and professional situations. The impact of malaligned teeth scales beyond aesthetics; it compromises your oral health and overall well-being as well. However, with our teeth straightening treatment with Damon Braces provided by our board-certified Orthodontist in Wilmington, you can get that stunning smile you have always desired with ease and comfort.


Traditional braces are a time-tested orthodontic treatment modality to straighten your smile. However, there are several disadvantages and problems which come with traditional braces. This led to advances in dental sciences to create a newer and advanced system of braces, and one such advancement was the introduction of Damon braces, a system of self-ligating braces. To understand Damon Braces' concept in Wilmington, we must take a brief look at the traditional braces. Traditional braces have several components; the major components include brackets and archwire, which apply forces to bring your teeth into desired locations. In conventional braces, these archwires have to be placed inside the brackets to activate them; thus, orthodontists use elastics bands and rubbers. This leads to frequent visits to the dental office. With the advent of Damon Braces, the archwire can be directly placed into the bracket, where it is held in place by a self-locking, spring-loaded door.Β 


  • Damon Braces, placed by our orthodontist in Wilmington, has self-locking spring-loaded doors, which speeds up the process of putting the archwire into the brackets. Due to this, you will spend considerably less time in our orthodontic center in Wilmington during appointments.Β 
  • Damon braces available at our Wilmington Orthodontic center are much more comfortable, smaller and slimmer than conventional braces.
  • There is reduced friction, and the force distribution is much more equalized. The narrow brackets of Damon braces also apply lesser force.
  • Studies have claimed that patients opting for orthodontic treatment via Damon braces in Wilmington can appreciate the results much earlier than those who opt for conventional braces.
  • Damon braces provided by our board-certified orthodontist in Wilmington reduces the risk of enamel decalcification and tooth decay. Teeth are healthy during and after the treatment.
  • Maintaining good oral hygiene is much more comfortable with Damon braces in Wilmington as there are no elastics components. Conventional braces use rubber bands and elastics, which trap food debris, and it becomes a tedious task to keep them clean.
  • Damon Braces available at Wilmington Orthodontic Centre have an edge in treating complex cases of narrow arches and in the presence of too overcrowded teeth. In few cases, Damon braces can even avoid the need to extract teeth for space creation.
  • Damon braces placed at our board-certified orthodontist in Wilmington come in metal as well as clear brackets. This allows you to choose how your braces look.Β 

If you are looking for an orthodontist near you to correct your smile, look no more. Dr. Nancy Pancko is a board-certified orthodontist at Wilmington orthodontic center, passionate about giving you a smile you desire. Our team of outstanding professionals aims at providing you with the most cost-effective and efficient orthodontic care in Wilmington with a warm and comfortable environment. If you are ready to go on a journey to getting a beautiful smile, contact us, and one of our team members will be there to assist you.Β 

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