How Invisalign aligners do work


How does Invisalign work? This is the question that once might have struck your mind and it is quite a common question asked by our patients at Wilmington Orthodontics Center.  Invisalign are removable, transparent dental devices used to treat mild to moderate tooth and jaw misalignments. They are made of clear plastic. They are completely invisible and this makes them more popular than fixed metal braces. 

Specially designed for adult treatment, our Invisalign will align your teeth very gently. You don’t need to have brackets anymore. Instead of metal, Invisalign aligners are made of plastic. For this reason, they are hardly visible and therefore, do not stand out routinely. They can be removed at any time and particularly removed during eating. It is often recommended to wear aligners a minimum of 22 hours a day. 

Initially, your orthodontist will examine your teeth position, verify whether you can be treated by Invisalign or not. He will then advice some radiographs and will make a comprehensive treatment plan that will be discussed with you. If you decide in favor of the invisalign treatment, your orthodontist will take an impression of your teeth. The first step of your teeth correction will be computer-simulated. Your orthodontist will initially design three invisalign splints, which are normally worn 1-2 weeks each. 

At your next visit to orthodontist you’ll receive the first set of  invisalign splints. Your orthodontist will examine  the fit of your first splint. During invisalign treatment you’ll be wearing three splints in each treatment step, consisting of different material thicknesses. Invisalign treatment process significantly reduced visits to orthodontists are that will save your precious time.

Here at Wilmington Orthodontics Center, Dr Nancy Pancko creates a set of clear aligners to reposition and align your teeth. If you have not started your treatment yet, it is the  right time to get your teeth straightened with our Invisalign aligner system.

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