Myths and truths of ceramic or transparent brackets

Patients wonder what type of orthontic braces they should choose. Transparent or ceramic brackets are the most esthetic options of visible orthodontics. Since technology has improved the look and function of clear braces, they work as well as the metal braces without being so visible.

Clear braces do not stain. What discolors with time is a plastic ring we place around the bracket to keep the wires in place which is changed at each visit.

    To prevent this problem, we recommend that patients avoid foods that stain such as curry and to not smoke!! White teflon coated metal O rings are also used to avoid staining.

Ceramic braces aren´t more difficult to clean than metal brackets. A proper brushing technique after meals prevents food residues remain between the brackets

Orthodontic treatment with ceramic braces does not take longer than with metal braces. A correct diagnosis and correct treatment is important to achieve long lasting results independently of the type of braces used.

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