Is orthodontic treatment painful?

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Those who have worn braces know that a mild discomfort is experienced after the start of orthodontic treatment. Those who have never worn orthodontic treatment or are about to start treatment, certainly have heard of this discomfort.

    Do not worry! It is a mild disconfort! And best of all, is temporary!.

When teeth are being repositioned through the use of braces, your body needs to undergo some changes, especially in the area around the teeth. This causes a little inflammation that you feel as a soreness. The discomfort arises after 3 to 4 hours of braces placement and usually disappears around 48-72 hours. This feeling is similiar to the sore muscles you feel in your body after going to the gym except in your teeth. They are starting to ¨work out¨and straighten but this feeling quickly goes away.