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When is the best time for a child to get braces? Visiting a kids orthodontist (near me) for an initial consultation can usually help you get all of the answers you need as it pertains to your family’s unique circumstances. That being said, there are some pretty significant milestones when it comes to a child’s oral development, and they can all tie into whether or not you need to look into orthodontics. For children, Wilmington Orthodontic Center provides a wide range of therapies to complement traditional braces treatment. 

Whether you’re dealing with genetically missing teeth, an impacted canine, or perhaps a thumb sucking habit that’s taken too long to break, timely orthodontic care is essential. Adjusting the developing child’s bite affects everything from their diet and cavity risk to their facial structure and self-esteem. And it starts sooner than you might think!

Pediatric Orthodontic Treatment

Early screenings can help children require less-complex orthodontic treatment as they grow. For instance, growth modification techniques such as palatal expanders or space maintainers can help to promote a healthy, better aligned smile before teeth ever erupt. But without those treatments at a young age, teeth can become crowded, impacted, or your child might even require surgery.

Early intervention — which is sometimes called “Phase I” or interceptive orthodontics — is a specific line of treatment just for children. In the majority of cases, kids getting interceptive braces may only be 7 or 8 years old. 

But not every child needs braces at such a young age. Many return for re-evaluations each year as their mouths continue to develop. If your child winds up needing braces later on, they may be closer to 12 or 13 years old (or even older.) 

Your Child’s First Orthodontic Consultation

Dental experts all agree: children should see a provider by their 7th birthday for an orthodontic evaluation. At this screening, our Wilmington orthodontist can get a general idea as to how the developing adult teeth are going to erupt and position themselves, based on the few remaining baby teeth that haven’t fallen out yet. A full-mouth X-ray allows us to see jaw formation, anatomical issues, and spacing concerns that — if intercepted early enough — could significantly reduce the need for major treatment or surgery later on.  Otherwise, we’ll usually just re-assess them every year or so to monitor their oral and facial growth patterns. 

Orthodontist for Kids vs. Adults

Our Wilmington orthodontist is a specialist in tooth movement and orthognathic therapy related to growth patterns and the way teeth fit together. But orthodontics doesn’t just pertain to a certain age. As an orthodontist, you can benefit from specialized care whether you’re 7 or 77. There are not pediatric orthodontists or adult orthodontists; all of them are the same type of specialist. 

Wilmington Orthodontic Center in Delaware offers orthodontics for children and the entire family. If you’re looking for a “kids orthodontist near me”, you’ve come to the right place! Contact us today to reserve an exam with Dr. Pancko to learn more about our children’s braces options.  

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