Orthodontics for Teens

Orthodontics teens

Our Wilmington-Delaware orthodontist Dr. Pancko works with patients of all ages, but teenagers especially. Since most teens get braces when they’re around 13, 14, or 15 years old, they make up a large portion of our patients. And since every teen is different, we’re able to adapt our treatment options to fit their oral health needs as well as their personality!

Should My Teenager Get Braces?

Your teen’s mouth is growing and developing at a rapid pace. By the time they’re 17-19 or so, their mouth will be fully formed (except for those pesky wisdom teeth, which keep growing until they’re nearly 30 years old.) Intercepting orthodontic issues at this age is a great time to prevent serious bite irregularities and jaw issues. 

Teens make great orthodontic candidates because it’s still possible to intercept growth patterns before their oral anatomy is completely developed. If they underwent phase one braces as a younger child, then this period is the perfect time for phase two, were we fine tune their final bite alignment. 

Traditional Braces vs. Invisalign Teen

Most teens in Wilmington get traditional braces. These standard bracket and wire systems make it simple and straightforward to correct a variety of bite issues, including complex needs. Plus, your teen can change out their band colors at each visit to add flair (school colors and holiday themes are especially popular.)

However, some teens prefer not to wear braces at all. And if they’re self-conscious about orthodontic systems, Invisalign may be the better option. The best teen candidates for Invisalign will be those who are extremely responsible and committed to wearing their aligners as prescribed. It takes dedication on a daily basis, so this is a personal decision that you and your family will need to make. 

The great news is that the majority of dental insurance plans cover orthodontic treatment up to a certain age. So, if your family has insurance coverage, be sure to let us know. We’ll tabulate your benefits into the treatment plan so that you know what the overall costs actually look like. Keep in mind that we’ll need to see your teen for an exam first, since their length of time in treatment will directly impact the cost of therapy. 

Best Braces for Teens in Wilmington

There’s no one perfect type of braces for teens. In Wilmington, turn to Dr. Pancko for her experience and expertise to guide them through the orthodontic process. Together, we’ll navigate your options to choose the one that’s best for your teen’s future oral health. 

Orthodontic Consultations for Teens

In Sussex County, teens and their families turn to our experienced orthodontist, Dr. Pancko. As a comprehensive orthodontics provider, we’ll be able to present the options available that fit your teen’s unique situation. The initial consultation process is a great time to ask questions, weigh your pros and cons of varying treatments, and get a breakdown of all of the costs involved. 

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