Transparent or Ceramic Braces in Wilmington

Looking for cosmetic braces but don’t qualify for Invisalign? Transparent, ceramic braces in Wilmington are an excellent choice. These cosmetic braces are great for adults of all ages who want to enjoy straighter teeth. 

What are Ceramic Braces?

Ceramic braces are almost exactly like traditional braces, except they’re made out of more aesthetic materials. The transparent brackets are essentially the same color as your teeth, blending in when you talk or smile. Most people can’t make them out unless they’re looking extremely closely and you’re showing them on purpose. Even the archwire (that spans between your teeth) can be made of cosmetic, technologically advanced material. 

Invisible Brackets and Wires

Transparent braces were developed as a way to minimize the conspicuousness of traditional orthodontics. By adapting new materials that are both durable and aesthetic, orthodontic specialists were able to create a braces system that could blend in with the color of teeth. Each ceramic bracket mirrors the hue of natural tooth enamel, giving it a low-profile appearance. 

Tooth Colored Braces

What makes ceramic braces unique is that they’re constructed out of transparent, tooth colored materials. Even though they’re technically “visible”, they’re difficult to distinguish from the rest of your tooth. Keeping your mouth clean — and brushing and flossing after you eat — makes it almost impossible to tell exactly what type of appliance is bonded to the front of each respective tooth. 

We’re one of the few orthodontic specialists in the Wilmington area to provide tooth colored braces for adults. 

Cosmetic Braces for Adults

There are a variety of reasons why people get braces as adults. Some are to lower their risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Others want to simply enhance the appearance of their smile. With ceramic braces, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: cosmetic braces that look great and compliment your natural teeth. As you achieve symmetry with a low-profile orthodontic system, you can feel confident about the way your smile looks. Plus, cosmetic braces are one of the most affordable smile makeover treatments in Wilmington! 

How Ceramic Braces Work

Just like traditional orthodontics, ceramic braces use a bracket and wire system to move teeth. They’re excellent for our adult patients who may not qualify for lingual braces or Invisalign. Since the process is extremely accurate and mirrors that of conventional treatment, you can expect a precise and predictable outcome. The only difference is that your brackets and wires aren’t highly visible. 

Do I Qualify for Transparent Orthodontics?

Wilmington Orthodontic Center provides personalized care for all ages. When you schedule a consultation at our Wilmington office, we’ll review your bite needs and answer any questions you may have. Then, we’ll walk through the most appropriate treatment options available. 

If you qualify for traditional orthodontic treatment, then you qualify for ceramic braces. But in order to find out how long the process will take or if they’re right for you, it’s important to meet one-on-one with our Wilmington orthodontist. 

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