Risks of not getting an orthodontic treatment when you need it

Orthodontic Treatment

“Should I get my teeth straightened? What if I don’t; are there any risks to not getting orthodontic treatment? What are the problems with crooked teeth?”

If these questions are popping inside your head, you probably are conflicted about getting your teeth aligned. If this sounds like you right now, this blog is for you. 

Many people opt for orthodontic treatment due to cosmetic concerns. However, the role of orthodontic treatments scales way beyond cosmetics. Getting your teeth aligned at Wilmington Orthodontic Center gives you a beautiful smile and, at the exact times, also restores your oral functions like chewing and speech. Well-aligned teeth are also easier to clean and maintain, which prevents dental cavities and gum diseases. So, what are the risks associated with not getting your teeth straightened?


Crooked teeth, if not treated during childhood, can impact the way the face grows. It can cause the facial proportions to alter, and with time, the orthodontic problems may become more significant. In addition, living with crooked teeth affects the relationship between the upper and the lower jaw leading to a defective bite. 


Crooked, spaced, or in general malaligned teeth compromise oral functions such as chewing and speech. For example, misplaced teeth cannot apply proper chewing forces, which affects the way we chew our food. Since digestion of the food starts in the mouth, compromised chewing ability also disturbs our digestive processes. 

Speech is intimately linked to the position of the teeth and tongue. Malaligned teeth affect the way we articulate. In addition, certain sounds tend to slip, and it may also be the cause of lisp. Therefore, it is essential to schedule a visit with an experienced orthodontist like Dr. Pancko at Wilmington Orthodontic Center at the earliest to ensure that these speech impediments do not become permanent.


Crooked teeth are difficult to keep clean; these tend to be a safe spot for plaque accumulation responsible for various oral illnesses such as dental cavities, gum diseases, and bad breath. Therefore, the earlier you get your teeth aligned by an orthodontist near you in Wilmington, the better.


Malaligned teeth cannot properly distribute the oral forces. As a result, some part of the mouth tends to bear the brunt of the force while the other doesn't. This unequal force distribution affects the temporomandibular joint, that is, the jaw joint. Living with malaligned teeth can lead to TMD (temporomandibular disorders) in the long run.


Protruded front teeth are always at a higher risk of getting injured and fractured upon suffering a fall. These front teeth can get chipped, cracked, or in some cases, even come out entirely. In addition, the risk of injury to soft tissues like gums, cheeks, and lips is always present. 


Malaligned teeth have an impact on overall health due to their effect on oral health. They can cause faulty digestion, lead to speech impediments, bad breath, dental diseases, and also affects mental health. Living with crooked teeth can be a cause of constant concern and consciousness for some. 

In conclusion, it is best to get orthodontic treatment done at early as possible. You can schedule an appointment with our amazing orthodontist, Dr. Pancko, at Wilmington Orthodontic Center to get on your journey to better oral and overall health. If you have any questions or would like to know more about our orthodontic services, please contact us, and our team of lovely dental professionals will be there for you.

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