What are Intraoral Scanners?


If you have gone through the ordeal of getting a dental impression taken, you probably are not looking forward to going through it again. Dental impressions are messy and can be a significant source of anxiety for many. In addition, it can prove difficult and often impossible to take an accurate dental impression for people with strong gag reflexes. Anything which touches the back of the throat can cause a strong gag making the entire experience dreadful. 

This is where intraoral scanners can make a huge difference. Intraoral scanners are conical in shape and can reach every corner of the mouth without any discomfort. This eliminates the possibility of a gag reflex. 

Digital scanners do not require any dental putty material, unlike traditional tray impressions. This ensures they are mess-free, seamless, and comfortable for you as a patient. 

Intraoral scanners magnify the area of interest on the viewing screen, which enables you to see what's in your mouth. They also provide more accurate and precise measurements as compared to conventional Tray Impressions, which ensures better treatment outcomes. These measurements can be directly used to create your appliance or prosthesis. 

Digital impressions taken with the help of intraoral scanners are quicker and allow for minor adjustments. They directly reduce the number of dental visits and lessens the time required to complete your treatment since your restoration and dental appliances are created digitally.

Wilmington Orthodontic Center is equipped with Carestream Dental Intraoral Scanners to give you, our valued patients, the best in class and a comfortable orthodontic and dental treatment experience. 

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