Why may some cases of misaligned teeth and jaws need surgery?

Misaligned teeth

When you hear someone speak about fixing a bad bite, you most likely imagine braces. While braces can fix a wide variety of misaligned teeth, there are some cases that may require more than just braces for a proper fix. 

In some cases of an extremely bad bite, or what is referred at malocclusion by dental professionals, surgical intervention may become necessary. This usually happens when the upper and lower jaw grows disproportionately to one another, which fundamentally leads to an incorrect bite. Such misalignments are skeletal in nature, meaning the problem is not just with the location of the teeth but also with the jawbone growth. 

It may happen that the upper jaw grows more than the lower jaw. In such cases, the upper teeth will appear to be protruded, and the lower jaw appears small and tiny. There can also be the presence of crowding in addition to jaw growth abnormality. 

In some situations, the reverse may happen; the lower jaw grows more than the upper jaw. This will give the face a convex appearance. In some scenarios, both the upper and the lower jaw may not grow appropriately or may grow more than needed. These disproportions lead to a bad bite. One may also have problems with breathing apart from chewing and speech with such conditions. Therefore, surgery becomes essential to correct the bad bite and ensure normal growth and development. 

Jaw surgeries are done by oral and maxillofacial surgeons combined with consultations with orthodontic treatments. In such cases, braces are needed before and after surgery. A surgeon will either remove bone and set back an overgrown jaw or cut the bone and pull it forward. Jaw surgeries are invasive but yield excellent results and may be necessary for some cases of a bad bite.

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