When should you take your kid to an orthodontist?

kids orthodontist

"When should I take my child to see an orthodontist?" 

This is one of the most common questions parents ask their dentists, and rightfully so. It is vital to ensure your kid's teeth are coming out in proper alignment and, if not, to seek treatment as soon as possible. 

However, that being said, orthodontic treatments cannot be carried out too early, and there are certain time periods in a child's development where orthodontic treatment is not carried out. 

The most appropriate time for you to have your child's first orthodontic visit is when they turn seven years old. This is when most of their milk teeth will start falling, and permanent teeth will start erupting. Any anomalies, if spotted, can be fixed easily with the help of orthodontic treatments. 

However, if your kid is over the age of 7, let's say 9 or 10, and you still have not taken them for their first visit, it does not mean you have missed the train. You can still take them to visit an orthodontist in Wilmington and get them on the right track to a well-aligned and healthy smile. 

Taking your child to an orthodontist at this age will allow the specialist to take a proper look at the jaw growth and intervene if necessary. Any bony changes can be made during this time which can prevent the need for longer and more invasive treatments in the future. 

"What are some signs that suggest my kid needs an orthodontist?"

This is generally the second most commonly asked question. If you see crowded teeth, teeth erupting at unusual and tilted angles, large gaps between the teeth, or that the jaws are not growing properly or growing disproportionately, all these signs signal the need to visit an orthodontist. 

If you need to schedule your child's first orthodontic visit, please contact us, and our team of excellent professionals at Wilmington Orthodontic Center will be here to assist you and your little angel to an impeccable and healthy smile. 

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