How do teeth impact us?

Family smiling

Teeth are one of the first things anyone notices about us when we converse with them and although a perfect set of teeth isn’t one always expected, visibly decayed teeth depict poor oral hygiene which creates a general perception about us not keeping ourselves up to par.

The perception around teeth has greatly changed over time. It now has social, cultural, political and professional implications. In all settings, a set of crooked, misaligned teeth with dental decay which is visible is perceived as a general lack of motivation. In professional settings, this can be highly distinguishable, as someone who is presentable in the way they look would seem a more appropriate fit in representing a firm on a bigger scale, as well as in professions related to salespersons, customer service or international relations. In recent times, the perception around teeth has largely changed

Various studies have shown how in adolescence, a straight set of teeth can have a positive influence on the child. Children may feel outcasted due to their peer’s behaviour, which can have mental repercussions. These experiences may even translate into adult life in forming their personality which can affect their social, professional circles to a large extent.

A good set of teeth gives one a confidence boost, with better self outlook which can be crucial at all levels of development. It’s a sense of fulfilment that one feels, when they are comfortable in the way they look. Dr. Pancko at Wilmington is here to help you give the smile you desire. With patient- centered clinical care, the dentists at Wilmington offer outstanding treatment, keeping in mind patients needs at all times, and offering a wide variety of treatment options which best suit you.

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