Orthodontic aligners for teeth

Orthodontic treatments

Orthodontic aligners are virtually invisible plastic trays which help in correction and misalignment of teeth. They are an alternative to braces, but while braces can fix all kinds of misalignment; from mild to severe, aligners can only treat mild to moderate deformities. Dr. Pancko at Wilmington will help you determine if you are the right candidate for aligners, but as a general guideline the following cases can be treated:

The most common problem observed in patients and occurs in the absence of sufficient space for teeth to be aligned perfectly next to each other, causing them to sometimes overlap and twist around their axis

When the upper front teeth overlap the lower teeth

The overlap of lower teeth ahead of the upper with your mouth closed

Open bite
When the upper and lower front teeth are unable to touch properly or come into close contact with each other when biting down, leading to a protruded appearance of the front teeth

Teeth spacing
When there is more space available than required by the teeth in the jaw, it leads to gaps in teeth which need to be closed up by bringing the teeth together

In perfect alignment, your upper teeth close outside of your lowers slightly, but in the case of cross bite some of the lower teeth may overlap the outer surfaces of the upper teeth

This is when the upper teeth close too ahead of the lower, leading to excessive horizontal space between the two

It is when the upper teeth almost completely cover the lower. A deep bite is essentially an extreme cases of an overbite

A walkthrough of the process:

Your oral health will be checked by our highly experienced orthodontist, Dr. Pancko who has treated countless orthodontic patients. She will begin by taking Intra-oral images and impressions in clinic in order to make records out of them. The records will be sent to labs where 3D imaging and scans will help create a replica of your aligners. These models will be printed, trimmed and delivered to the clinic where Dr. Pancko will then walk you through the process of your treatment and give you your first set of aligners. Timely visits will then be scheduled at Wilmington Orthodontic Centre throughout the treatment plan where at the end of the treatment you will have the smile of your dreams! 🙂

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